Where does Speed Dial bookmark folder go?

  • I was tinkering around with my bookmarks, and accidentally deleted the bookmark folder called Speed Dial. That folder left my start page, leaving only Bookmarks and History. I dug into the trash and found it, and moved it. Now it is on my bookmarks toolbar, and I don't see any other place to move it when I open up the bookmarks manager. Isn't there some place I can tuck it, so I don't have to see that folder on my bookmarks toolbar?

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    What I do is create a "Bookmarks Bar" folder and copy folders/bookmarks into this folder and set as the bookmarks bar folder.

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    The key thing to remember is that the Bookmarks Bar and Speed Dial are just specialized views of folders - any folders. You can have as many or few folders as you want, and can pick ANY folder to show on your Bookmarks bar, and ANY NUMBER of folders (one or more) to be displayed at Speed Dial. When you choose more than one Speed Dial folder, Links to these folders line up across the top of the Speed Dial page so that you can open them one at a time.

    Within any of these folders, you may have sub-folders, and folders within those folders, ad nauseum.

    In my case, I have ONE overall folder, and I call it "speed dial" (for lack of imagination). I show this folder both on Speed Dial and on the Bookmarks Bar. It has a mix of about 30 items, folders and individual bookmarks, in it. ONE of these folders, that I keep at the very beginning of both the bar and the page, has all of my (few hundred) bookmarks and folders in it, to which I don't need quick or immediate access. So the bookmarks bar and Speed Dial page pretty much never change. All of the changes, additions and moves take place in that folder at the left end of everything.

    So the answer to "Where does the Speed Dial bookmark folder go?" is, Anywhere you want.

  • OK, I just moved it to another folder buried inside another folder on my bookmarks bar.

    I was concerned, because when I opened up the bookmarks manager, I didn't see any other folders of bookmarks except what was on my toolbar. In other browsers, your toolbar is simply a subset of all of your bookmarks. Anyways, its not a problem at this point. That folder is buried and it won't bother me if I can't see it.


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