Qwant search engine on Vivaldi

  • Hello,

    I would really like to add Qwant as the default search engine in Vivaldi, but I can't find a way to do it properly.

    I noticed a similar (but old) thread, whith this procedure :

    *"Works for me with Debian 8x64 and Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 x64

    1. Open https://www.qwant.com/
    2. Select the search field (with the spyglass) on webpage
    3. Select in context menu "Add as search engine"
    4. Enter qw as shortcut (nick) for the searchengine
    5. Hit Add button

    Now you should have Qwant as default search engine.
    Open vivaldi://settings/search
    You see that the engine is set."*

    But, when I Right Click on the search field (with the spyglass), I don't see anything in the context menu allowing me to add a search engine...

    So, is it a bug in newest versions of Vivaldi ? Can someone help me or try it ?

    Thank you.

    Vivaldi 1.6.689.46 (Stable channel) (64 bits)
    Ubuntu 16.04 (KDE Neon) 64bit

  • @mathojojo
    Add this on search settings;
    Tested & work.

    Tip if you encounter search engine that act like Qwant (no add search engine offering):

    • Try to search something in their search box, for example TEST
    • After the search engine return something, look into the address bar. Replace any TEST with %s


    • That tip work if the search engine use GET method. Search engine like Starpage or Duckduckgo use POST method by default, so their hide the address bar result.
    • That tip work for any browsers.
    • Qwant didn't offer me to add search engine to Vivaldi as you mentioned.

  • Off topic.
    That's an interesting new (for me) Search Engine.
    I learn something. 😁

  • @dLeon

    Mmmm, you should have explained the next steps too 🙂 When I followed your steps, I then tried again to right click on the search engine to find a "Add search engine" item in context menu (I thought your steps would enable something in this context menu 😉 ).

    • Try to search something in their search box, for example TEST
    • After the search engine return something, look into the address bar. Replace any TEST with %s
      AND THEN
    • Copy the full modified address
    • Go to "Vivaldi Icon" -> Tools -> Settings
    • Select the search Tab
    • Push "Add a new search engine"
    • Paste the modified address in URL field
    • Choose a name (Qwant) and a surname (q)
    • Press "OK"

    Now we are done 🙂

    Thank you for your help anyway 🙂 And nice that you discovered this Search Engine, which provide a perfect spyless interface, not collecting any personal data.


  • Just a note here, not a solution.

    The "Add as search engine" function requires three things from the webpage:

    • The form must have an action.
    • The input element must be text type, or text like sub-type, like search, even number works, but for example date or color doesn't.
    • The input element must have a non-empty name.

    On Qwant unfortunately the devs didn't add a name attribute to the search field.

    Edit: I think this works the same in chrome itself.

  • @mathojojo
    You're right. Glad you're more creative and realize what more to be done. 😆

  • Wow I never heard of that search engine before, but now I am enjoying it a lot

  • Just FYI, in case anyone is interested :

    If you don't want the search results to open in a new tab, you can add &b=0 at the end of the URL, e.g. :


    You an also set the t parameter as you wish, it corresponds to category icons on the Qwant sidebar (you could even use different search engines in Vivaldi, if you want to directly access them) :

    • all : all results
    • web : web
    • news : news sites
    • social: social media sites
    • images: picture/images
    • videos : videos
    • shopping : shopping

    For example, I set my own Qwant search to Web results, without opening links in new tab :

    (I tried to add the suggestion URI https://api.qwant.com/api/suggest?q=%s&lang=fr_fr (you could replace fr_fr by your own language code) to Vivaldi, but it didn't work, suggestions did not appear.)


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