@Devs: Adding Vivaldi Support to our Bookmark Manager Linkman

  • Hello! We would like to add support for the Vivaldi web browser to our Windows Bookmark Manager Linkman (http://www.outertech.com/en/bookmark-manager). We do currently support IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera among other browsers. We have looked for the last two hours for any way for us to catch/receive the current webpage address in order to add it to the Linkman bookmark database. With Opera we have two ways, first we enumerate the OLEACC element structure in order to get the text of the Opera address field. This can be done within our Linkman app. The second way to add a bookmark from Opera to Linkman is by TCPIP within an Opera Addon (where Linkman is the http server on localhost). These both ways are apparently impossible with Vivaldi. Is there any other way?

  • Moderator

    When providers come around asking to partner with you, you clearly are taken seriously. Kudos, Vivaldi.

  • You guy should make it an extension for each browser. I rather not download another program to keep tab on


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