Changing Destination Folder for File Download Setting

  • Does anyone know how to change the destination folder for file downloads? I would like to the default destination folder for Vivaldi file downloads C:\Documents and Settings<username>\My Documents\Downloads One of my desktop systems is a Dell Precision 450 workstation running Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 with two (2) hard disk drives: [ol] [li]C: 38.2 GB - system disk[/li] [li]D: 93.3 GB - user data disk[/li] [/ul] For the other web browsers I normally use -- Apple Safari for Windows, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox -- I have set the destination folder for file downloads set to D:<username>\Downloads since I have more available space on the 😨 drive than the C: drive.</username></username>

  • I have the same problem, too. :S

  • Until the issue is fixed in Vivaldi, you can easily overcome the problem in a number of ways:

    #1 changing the default path of the downloads folder (just right click on it and move the folder on the desired path)

    #2 using the symbolic links. Its the Unix way. But that can be used on windows too, unfortunately the latter lacks a way to do it graphically

    Btw you can use this to manage (and understand) them easily.

    #3 you can just resize the partitions of your HDD to meet better your needs, with the integrated OS tools, or with a lot of partiton management programs


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