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    • Old interface still works fine
      New interface indicates mail in the inbox, but does not show any messages in order to read them. This problem has been exsting for several months. I do not want to reset Vivaldi in it's entirety since everything is working well. Any ideas?

  • Thought I had something like this too I only found out because someday I viewed my vivaldimail on my phone via an app that used it's own gui.
    I had a conversation with someone so there were several mails back and forth and at some point my friend answered two time with different content to the same mail I wrote.
    This resulted in 2 new messages in the inbox so I clicked the first and after that I couldn't find any other mail. the second mail was hiding "inside" the first one.
    This was indicated only by a nearly transparent blue or green (sry can't remember exactly) circle with a 1 in it that appeared to the right of the subject / headline of the first mail.

    A bit like the pic I made with my incredible paint skills ; )


    After I clicked the circled 1 the unread mail popped up and everything was fine again.
    Hope this explanation is comprehensible

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