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    Hi I don't know f it's possible to copy the text selection in Vivaldi to the clipboard automatically, there's no option for this in the settings menu, at least I haven't seen this, also it isn't the default behavior, this is nice, saves time, I'm using ArchLinux + KDE and this is what I use in yakuake.

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  • Maybe I'm not understanding your question correctly, but when I select text in Vivaldi, open a terminal and middle-click, the text is pasted in. Same for Leafpad, Geany, and LibreOffice Writer.

    But it doesn't work for urls highlighted in the address bar.

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    On KDE with Debian 8 all i select in Vivaldi gets copied in clipboard.
    No need for extensions.

  • Works OK here.
    Text selection is automatically copied to the primary buffer but in most cases will be lost when the application containing the selected text is closed.

    You can use a clipboard manager to save your primary selections if needed.
    By default most clipboard managers only save the Secondary selection but can be configured to save both.
    eg glipper preferences...

  • Well i tried it now, but it doesn't work, neither for chromium, so I guess it's ArchLinux or KDE related, thanks anyway

  • Solved it, klipper, the KDE clipboard manager had to be configured

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