Philips Hue Color Lights Integration

  • Hi everyone,

    In the German forum, I was advised to describe my problem here

    I have changed yesterday from Firefox to Vivaldi and I am enthusiastically - appears to me less sluggish.

    However I have a problem with the Philips Hue Color Lights Integration - I am not capable of solving the problem.

    Hue Bridge was found ... but not all lamps are shown to me - And those that are found are displayed incorrectly...

    Office (Büro) - (Light Laptop) Licht Laptop is correct
    Corridor (Flur) - (Light Bath) Licht Bad is incorrect
    Living Room (Wohnzimmer) - (Light Corridor) Licht Flur is incorrect

    Also the (Light Corridor) Licht Flur is my Ceiling light in my living room.
    The kitchen light and the light in the Sleeping room wasn't found.


    I have already reset the Hue Bridge.

    Does anyone have an idea or tips?




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