Who uses bookmarks anyway?

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    Opera, my old company, is moving in a very different direction to what it used to do. One effect of that is the removal of bookmarks in the latest version of Opera. To me this is a blatant disrespect of the user base and an outrageous level of arrogance, but what do I know... 🙂 Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am the only person in the world to use bookmarks... Do you use bookmarks? Share your experience.

  • I use bookmarks. I suppose that should come as no surprise since I'm something of an old-timer in Internet circles.

    I have had to get a new computer recently because of issues with the old one, and upon finding that I would not be able to get 12.16 and that the new versions of Opera cannot import bookmarks– at least unless you know the secret, and maybe not even then-- I found that Opera's new browsers will be quite unusable here. That speed-dial is a fascinating toy I suppose, but it doesn't help me at all-- especially since it doesn't seem able to import the bookmarks in any kind of orderly fashion.

  • Look at the length of the scrollbar (not all folders are opened 😉 ):

    Any questions?

    … and yes, 14 speed-dials too (2 of them SD extensions that i don't need to click), more would be slow-dial for me.

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    You know i use bookmarks ( ~ 2000, saved for years) with the very good Opera bookmarks manager 😎 and, sometimes, Speed Dial (mostly with Mobile & Mini).

    It's clear the latest Blink powered versions are not designed for legacy Opera Desktop user base :oops:

  • Bookmarks and speed dial, I use both extensively, so a browser that doesn't offer either one is a no go for me.

  • @jon:

    Opera, my old company, is moving in a very different direction to what it used to do. One effect of that is the removal of bookmarks in the latest version of Opera. To me this is a blatant disrespect of the user base and an outrageous level of arrogance,

    Nope, it's neither disrespect nor arrogance. It's just plain stupidity.
    However they realized how idiotic their move was and are working on bookmarks.
    Whatever, with or without bookmarks that Opera :blink: looks like an abortion to me.

    BTW, yes I'm using bookmarks and also have 12 SpeedDials.

  • I also use bookmarks, albeit my needs are not as compelling as some resulting in my being able to place them on a bookmarks' bar. As some have advised, I've created folders on that bar and then categorized my bookmarks and dragged them into the corresponding folders. I don't bother with the speed dial since my favorites are contained on the bookmarks' bar and therefore always visible. In regards to seldom used bookmarks, they are contained on Yahoo's servers on my personalized Start Page which I configured ages ago.

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    Yes I also use bookmarks manager and speed dials as well. We have many bookmarks since many years and we sometimes organises them or return back to see what we stored.

    Bookmarks was always usefully and great feature for a browser.yes after switch new opera, they made a mistake and now understood but a bit late anymore…

    Shortly bookmarks and speed dial are absolutely great features for opera...

  • I use them, of course ?.
    Speed-Dial is amazing feature, certainly, but only usable with quite limited number of items. Beyond, it quickly becomes unusable.
    Maybe this is good idea and efficient for tablet/mobile browsing - an interesting market goal, okay.
    But a desktop browser without real bookmarks features is nothing other than a quite bad joke. Don't tell me about QAB.
    Anyway currently O15+ need very much more than a native bookmarks manager to be interesting.
    So yes, Opera sadly abandon one part of its users.

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    I have use both.

  • I use both.

    Bookmarks are for things that I find interesting or might need later. A lot of bookmarks I never look at again. A lot of those are probably dead links by now. But I like to have them in case I need them.

    Speed Dial is for regularly used sites. I especially like the Ctrl+# shortcut to open a particular Speed Dial entry. One thing that the new Opera has forgotten about.

    I do like the new Opera's Speed Dial folders. I like using for folders a few temporary sites that I should take a look at within the next few days. Not something that I'd want to keep in my bookmarks, but something I'd like to look at soon, and then forget about later. Maybe that's what Opera's Stash is meant for. I don't know. I've never found a use for Stash.

  • Nearly all of the time, I browse the Internet with a purpose in mind: to gather information from specific sites which I trust and are relevant to my purpose at that moment. At another moment, with different purpose in mind, I may need to access completely different kinds of sites, though they usually still need to trusted for the purpose then at hand. Hence, there's no substitute for a good bookmarks capability integrated into the browser, one capable of displaying selected bookmarks and folders on a toolbar, of being organized into topical folders and nested sub-folders to multiple levels, and with a manager capable of editing entries for nicknames, comments, etc. Such a bookmarks structure acts as an indispensable reference library of known-good sites that can be pulled up as needed for a topic at hand. Trying instead to use a search engine for such purposes is doomed by cluttering the browsing process with countless wasted "hits" for sites of uncertain trustworthiness, over and over again.

    Most of the time, sites I bookmark are not sites worth wasting browser overhead constantly watching, but are accessed only when needed to check info from a site in its then-current state. SpeedDials waste computer and browser resources when used for this kind of browsing, especially with graphics overhead like thumbnails, live updating, etc. I know exactly what I'm looking for when I seek out and click on a bookmarked link. I want exactly and only that site at that moment, and I want it to be current. Otherwise, I care little or nothing for what that site might contain, so browser resources used to maintain a SpeedDial presence for such sites are utterly wasted on me.

    Put another way, for my online needs, a browser acts as an information gathering and monitoring tool. As such, it must be able to access specific kinds of information based on my past experiences, on established trust, and on my current needs… which is precisely what organized, accessible bookmarks enable me to do with great efficiency. When it comes to tools, user efficiency in completing one's tasks is key. I realize other users may not have the same usage perspective as me... but that's where Old Opera excelled: it allowed many user personalities to configure it for browsing in the manner they themselves needed - bookmarks, SpeedDial, multiple tabs, whatever. Moreover, the modes a user didn't need were easily hidden as if they never existed. I don't think I've ever used another software tool so transparently adaptable to differing user methodologies.

  • I have been using both for a long time. Because of the limitations of Opera's speed dial, in 2007 I started using Tidy Favorites then switched to my own tabbed multi-page local html file. After switching to Cyberfox in July, I started using the FVD Speeddial extension. It is easy to sync between the Firefox branches and even syncs with Chromium varieties. I currently have 253 active links in FVD Speeddial. Bookmarks are used more for archival links (sporadic use). I am the IT Geezer at an environmental consulting firm that has to wear many hats and find things fast (1200 links). I am also a family genealogy researcher (900+ links). Bookmarks are useless without a good manager and multi-layers deep. I do work with some users that only use a dozen web sites on a regular basis but they seem more concerned about the social sites impact on their lives rather than putting their laptops to good use.

  • Bookmarks and Speed dial.

  • In Opera 12.x and earlier, I never used speed dial - on desktop machines. On my tablet, I did have a couple of speed dials - one for the Opera forums, and one for a weather site. I always had the Bookmarks panel open (except of course when reading mail) … likewise I never used Manage Bookmarks just arranging items in the panel. Opera 15-18 forced me to use Speed dial, though if I could still have a bookmarks panel I'd go back in an instant. I have added several folders to the Quick Access Bar in 19 and 20, but it's not the same.

  • What is going on here? Do you want to instigate a rebellion? Jon - you too, son? I'm disappointed.
    Opera has told you to realize you don´t need a lot of bookmarks (look the ODT blogs you troublemakers!). Most users use anyway no bookmarks -statistics never lies- so you also don´t need any. Opera knows what is good for you.
    For the few that you really need, you have speeddial & stash and for the couple of real nerds Opera has finally given you the fantastic bookmarks bar.
    And Google is convinced bookmarks are totally unnecessary. If you are looking for something you only need the search engine. The Google service then creates even a personal search profile for you - so that you may later even get adapted better search results. That is service! And they do that for free and selfless.
    So stop this blasphemous rebellion. Nobody needs bookmarks - fin! [sarcasm/off]

    scnr 😎

  • Everyone who doesn't just sit looking at their facebook page all day probably uses bookmarks. I have never, ever seen anyone's browser in use that doesn't use bookmarks and I very much doubt such a user exists. :whistle:

    Opera made a very dumb decision to release a browser without proper bookmarks and all that they achieved was to alienate their loyal user-base. 😠

  • I use bookmarks much more than spdy.
    Because recent part of my bookmarks is like any-time accessible spdy))
    But i use rare bookmarks (some handreds total) too. Because it's b-o-o-k-m-a-r-k-s. I dont want to go to one of BigBrother like Google and search again same i need, and bookmarks save me here.

    Yes, i dont use any search engine in address bar. If i want to search i write "g …." or moreoften just go to google or another searcer.

    Screen of my Opera 12.16 :

    12.16 have memory leaks, for a pity. 😞 Want go back to 11.64, it was stable, - but don't want to loose anything in current Opera installation, like mail base, bookmarks, passwords and other.
    I dream about stable version of Opera 12… but... where is it?

  • @Luxor:

    Opera made a very dumb decision to release a browser without proper bookmarks and all that they achieved was to alienate their loyal user-base. 😠

    They don't seem to give much importance to their loyal user-base. Just reminding you that March 1 is around the corner…
    Besides, the 'loyal' user base is crumbling anyway except for a few fanboys.
    What I found amazing (stupid) is the fact that they managed to alienate even average Joe (to whom the new product seems to be aimed).

    Imagine aunt Gertrude reading about the 'new Opera' and deciding to give it a try. First thing she would do is to import her bookmarks from Firefox, InternetExploder or whatever, into the new browser.

    Good luck aunt Gertrude, you will have to go to the Opera forums, learn first what QAB means and follow the instructions for several movements until you have done with your bookmarks. In case you had the nerves and were successful you can consider yourself almost a certified Chropera expert. All you need to do for now is to register to Opera's DesktopTeamBlog so you can keep up with further changes 😃
    And don't forget dear aunt Gertrude, if you want to become a real Chropera expert, don't miss the Konami Code!

  • I use both.
    And notes as a sort of quick bookmarks which shouldn`t be seen in general list.

    Stash in chopera is very interesting idea, but as usual it is unfinished.

    PS: I also use notes as password manager simultaneously with wand, and notes as notebook, and notes as contact-list.


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