Mail, Contacts, tab grouping, external styling, gmail, inbox, spellchecking

    1. There are keyboard shortcuts for mail and contacts panel, despite those features has been removed. What for?

    2. Theres no shortcut for group selected tabs (like alt+g or something). Definately should be.

    3. None of existing css injectors (stylish, livecss etc..) are unable to change the style of pege placed in panel.
      I've put gmail, web whatsapp, keep in panels and none of them can be restyled.

    4. Despite "mobile view" mode of pages in the panels, INBOX by Gmail doesn't display that way - only in "desktop" mode, only when panel is wide enough.

    5. Spellchecking in adressbar - i got doubled language radiobutton and both selected. Language settings dont' appear.

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    @BriHecato The mail and contacts features hasn't been removed as they were never actually here. Those panels showed up an information about those features coming to Vivaldi at some point in the future, but were removed later. They are coming to Vivaldi and apparently no one has bothered to remove the keyboard shortucts settings as they'd probably need to add it back later. It doesn't affect the browsing experience after all...

    As for the rest, you can can post request for new features here. You can then keep checking back here once in a while, and post your request again, when a new version of the browser rolls out and a new feature requests thread starts. Before making a request however, check the thread to find if such a request hasn't been made yet. You can also vote for other features that you'd like to see in future releases of Vivaldi.

    If you'd like to report some feature broken or something in the browser not working correctly, here's a little copypasta on how to do so:

    How to do a bugreport for Vivaldi:
    Please describe as precisely as you can and report the bug at
    You will get a bug confirmation mail and in a reply to this mail you can add more information and files as attachments for the testers and bug tracking team.
    Thanks in advance.


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