LOVE it!

  • I just discovered Vivaldi about a week ago while trying to find a better browser. I'd been using Firefox for many years but got sick and tired of it crashing all the time and frequently taking my computer down with it. Some review gave Vivaldi a very good review so I thought I'd try it. Well, I LOVE it!! I have now put it on all but one of my several computers and it is my main browser now.

    About the only nit-pick I have with it is it seems that editing a bookmark is a moderate bit more involved than on Firefox. On Firefox you can right-click on the bookmark (even in the bookmark bar) and select "properties" and you can easily edit the name, and the URL. It took me a little while to figure out how to do it in Vivaldi, but I know how to now. Other than that very minor nit, I just LOVE Vivaldi.

    Good job and THANKS!

  • I forgot to mention it is lightning fast compared to Firefox and Opera. What's not to love.

  • Some of us have been here a lot longer than you, some only a little bit longer, but [to risk a wild speculative generalisation] i suspect that most of us, once we each discovered V, metaphorically [or even literally] high-fived the air & uttered "oh yeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!!". Or maybe that was just me...


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