repair bookmarks bar - still no context menu or drag -n- drop

  • End users, especially power users, need to be able to manage bookmarks effectively and efficiently. Vivaldi really needs to implement the following fixes to bookmark management on the bookmarks bar

    1. Use of <right click> on mouse/pad to access a context menu for all bookmark folders, sub-folders, or bookmarks, no matter if on the root of the bookmark bar or within a folder on the bookmark bar. The context menu should have common options like cut/paste,delete,rename,properties, etc

    2. To press and hold <left click> button on mouse/pad & have the ability to drag and drop any bookmark folder, sub-folder, or bookmark no matter if on the root of the bookmark bar or within a bookmark folder on the bookmark bar

    3. Have the ability to auto-arrange folders, sub-folders & bookmarks in ascending/descending order or manually via the use of drag and drop. Arranging the bookmarks in one folder should not dictate how bookmarks are arranged in all other folders and sub-folders on the bookmarks bar. We should be able to sort on a per folder basis which is typically accessed via a context menu, which i mentioned above

    I searched the message base for "bookmarks bar context menu" and I was surprised to find only a couple posts from I believe was almost 2 years ago. Someone posted that there was a possible bug and mentioned he could not access a context menu on bookmarks that reside in the root bookmark folders.

    I suppose the reply came from the Vivaldi team. It read something like this:

    "It's already something we are aware of. It will be addressed at some point."?

    I have not found any more info regarding this but I think it's obvious some attention is needed.

    Anyway, IMO, having the ability to manage bookmarks via the panels is just confusing. We already have a bookmarks bar so it is a bit redundant. Both options do not even synchronize with each other properly. When i sort via the panels, the same folder on the bar changes the order of the bookmarks as well, however, it does not even follow the same order. It is not a good idea to synchronize panel bookmarks with bookmarks on the bar. It is very messy. Truth is, having efficient capability of bookmark management on the bookmarks bar is all that most people need. Having access via panels would be fine too, but if we have to have bookmarks via the bar and panels, synchronize when bookmarks are added, removed, or relocated to another folder. But, do NOT synchronize sorting. The sorting of bookmarks really needs to be a local function, not a global one. As in, sort in ascending or descending order, or manually by using drag and drop. But, to keep sorting separate on a per folder basis makes more sense to me. Anyone else?

    Is there anything planned to revise and improve bookmark management? It desperately needs an overhaul, to be quite honest

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    @NunYaBiziness - The bookmarks bar in incomplete, and of course it is planned to be completed and to contain all functions that it should. In the meantime, I use the bookmarks panel for editing and moving bookmarks. It does not affect the order I have assigned on the bookmarks bar.

    At the moment, there are some thousands of outstanding bugs and features, and the desktop team of fewer than twenty developers is handling everything as quickly as they can, while developing features that are still missing entirely, fixing bugs, and continually repairing regressions caused by the changes the Chromium Project each week. The changelog for the internal build, 7 different versions, contains ten to twenty new items every single day. The relatively tiny team is maintaining the fastest development pace of any browser on the planet. Reports such as yours help them to balance priorities. Reports without shouting and ill temper are even better received.

    The bookmarks bar will get finished. No ETA.

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