• when i have downloaded a file,i cant open it

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    @dingle21: could be an incomplete download. Sometimes with a problematic web connection that keeps timing out, Vivaldi will still show the file icon as though the download were finished. Check the Md5 and make sure the file is complete and not corrupted.

  • I have been using Vivaldi for a couple days as main browser and have had no issues at all. Have been downloading different type of materials and programs also watching videos, playing games etc. All work so fast 100 tabs open 4 of them Facebook I got around 700 followers so my FB pages are very heavy I always had problems in other browsers. I had tried more than 30 different ones without luck. Vivaldi had been a whole new thing. Yes, maybe Vivaldi misses the sync function, but because of the security and hackers and all that I started using Last Pass and no too long ago I found one extension for bookmarks that I liked a lot Atavi, for pages I have one that really is amazing One Tab. And the best of all Vivaldi is 100% compatible with them. Have nothing to miss from other browsers. I switch to Vivaldi without problems or regrets. So far is the best browser that I had tried. And I really can tell That I had tried a lot.


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