Favicon on bookmarks not showing

  • I am testing Vivaldi and there is a lot to like but I tried to sync my bookmarks with xmarks
    and it is just an ugly mess.
    Not a single favicon is showing its not up to scratch.

    I read here Re: Favicon woes
    that you have to visit every site, Thats not funny in the slightest.

    I also think you should set the theme as subtle for default, as the 1st time I tried this theme I thought Vivaldi was an ugly browser and stopped using it. ( I have my screen set to dark and I could not see any of the icons on the red background)
    This time I have given it more of a chance but have come across this issue and its ugly again in my opinion.

    Anyway I have no idea if you guys listen to users feedback or not,
    I hope you do because I have taken the time to say all of this.

  • @dmg
    Yes, Xmarks still heavily problematic in Vivaldi. Your favicon problem maybe only the tip of the ice berg.
    There's a long discussion here Xmarks extension.
    And also other threads about problems with this extension.

    About theme. I don't know, the semi red (or pink?) color is Vivaldi trademark. Maybe it's enough to not colored the address bar where the icons also reside with that color. Logically, most of the Chrome extension devs were building their extension with Chrome grey bar in mind.

    The Vivaldi devs still active listening. Sometime one or two got caught here personally (poor guys). 😁
    The moderators seem also active to forward user problems to the devs.

  • @dmg I think you misread what Ayespy was talking about when he said just visit the site. Regardless, it isn't necessary to do that in order to get favicons onto your bookmarks in Vivaldi. Just click the "Update Thumbnails" button. In addition to updating the favicon (if there is one) it will also update the thumbnails displayed on the right (or in the speed dial, wherever). This is what I have been doing to my 8000+ bookmarks as I wanted to have all the thumbnails updated, but I noticed the side effect of the favicons updating too. Note, that the button will only operate on either the bookmarks you have selected, or the bookmarks inside of the folders you have selected, non-recursively. How long this will take depends on how many bookmarks you have, the speed of your machine and network connection of course, but it's not that huge of a deal if you like having thumbnails/favicons. I've been splitting it up into chunks of about 100 bookmarks at a time give or take so as to not overwhelm my resource limited laptop, but I'm almost done now. Just expand your folders, hold the control key down, select the folders you want to update, and then click the button. I suggest not hitting the button repeatedly but selecting the group all at once. The way Chromium works that will spawn a lot of processes which consumes unnecessary amounts of RAM.

    Hope this helps. I only discovered Vivaldi about a week ago or so and am loving it. It's still young, but for its age it is extremely mature. Remember how long it took Opera to even get bookmarks after dropping the Presto engine for WebKit/Blink? Based on what these guys have done so far, I am really excited for the future of this browser. And I haven't been excited about a browser since Opera 12.


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