Startup with Last Session doesn't work

  • I have a whole bunch of tabs. I close the browser. I open the browser and the entire session is gone. Sometimes, it will load with the tab I was on when I closed. I have startup with last session selected. Lazy load restored tabs checked. Working on an iMac. OS Sierra.

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    @oscarrob: You might try to refresh your profile.

  • @Ayespy That worked for the PC. Not for the Mac. On the Mac, Vivaldi loses the session even if I don't quit, just close. Refreshing My profile did nothing.

  • @Ayespy I should add, I have the following extensions - xmarks, ABP, Session Buddy, Dashlane, Ghostery, pocket and evernote clipper. All work fine on both platforms.

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    @oscarrob - Well, Session Buddy (for one) could screw you up on one platform but not the other, as file structure is different between the systems...

  • I'm not sure if this is related or not. I've been using Vivaldi on a pretty fast late 2013 mac book pro. I started using Vivaldi to test music playback from streaming servers because I found that Safari didn't handle streaming flac files very well. I've been liking Vivaldi but I find that when I start it up with preferences set to "Startup with Last Session" that Vivaldi is slow to start up and keeps forcing itself to the foreground, seamingly every time it opens a tab. Has anyone else found this? This is unlike other browsers that can open the previous session quietly in the background.


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