Flash problems with games

  • I'm currently having a problem playing some flash games with Vivaldi. Some parts of games are more sluggish and lag a ton when moving across the screen whereas on other browsers such problems don't exist.
    As in, all of the sudden the game seems to slow down and takes 2, 3, or even 4 times longer to move the same distance you would normally in a couple seconds.

    I've used this browser for a good 2 weeks now, as I play multiple games at once and some times games that allow multiple accounts.

    Any thoughts on what could be a problem or any settings I should change?
    Thanks for anything in advance.

    Vivaldi update: 1.6.689.40
    Flash version: 24.0 r0 PPAPI
    [As of this posting 1/24/2017 it's up-to-date]

    The only thing in "vivaldi://flags" I have active is:
    "Override software rendering list"
    ^ this only because a friend that uses Vivaldi too has recommended such a thing when using flash.

  • Moderator

    Check if

    • In Flash Player you have active hardware acceleration
    • In Vivaldi you have no red warnings in 1rst section
      see vivaldi://gpu
    • In Vivaldi you have activated hardware acceleration
      see vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardware


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