Deinstall Vivaldi 1.0.303x

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    Thanks for your reply and information mib2berlin.

    ... though I must ask again: how to deinstall Vivaldi 1.0x??? Can you point me at an address where I can read the drill???

    ... and I also must report Vivaldi 1.6x download page says, on 1223.16: "Requires Windows
    XP and up""

    As an aside I'll say, hard to imagine any Windows 7 product published by a substantive outfit will not run on xp.

    So: can you point me at a page that describes the 1.0x deinstall procedure???

    Thanks for your time.

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  • @discard1 said in Deinstall Vivaldi 1.0.303x:

    ... As an aside I'll say, hard to imagine any Windows 7 product published by a substantive outfit will not run on xp.

    Actually, there are quite a few products that way these days. The basic problem is that Windows is up to version 10, with Vista, Win7, Win8, and Win8.1 lying in between Win10 and XP. Application software is continually being upgraded to keep current with new OS versions, and as that occurs, apps product support for the older, less-used, and "unsupported" OS versions drops away. This is what has happened lately with XP (and in many cases, Vista as well), largely because the OS maker - Microsoft - has dropped their own support for the XP OS and are leaning very hard on Vista as well.

    Hence many apps makers have dropped their support for XP (and even Vista) as a result. In this case, the chromium rendering engine underlying the Vivaldi browser had its code support for XP gutted months ago by chromium's makers, and those code changes have rippled through to Vivaldi as well as many other browsers built on the chromium foundation.

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Deinstall Vivaldi 1.0.303x:

    Thanks so much for your precise pointer, Gwen-Dragon.

    However: in order to use windows to deinstall, a program must first be present in the addRemove utility.

    Got a pointer to a page that describes how to deinstall 1.0x ... which me and others find is not on the addRemove list???

  • @Blackbird

    Wow. Great information, Blackbird, thank you. I appreciate your time taken on the version layout.

    Now: moving on to the subject of the post, do you know how to deinstall 1.0x ā€¦ or can you point me to a page that recites the drill???

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    @discard1 - Simply go to your control panel in windows, programs and features, and uninstall it. If it is not listed in the control panel, then delete the folder it's in on your hard drive.


  • @Ayespy

    Thanks so much for your comment and time, Ayespy ...

    Yes, delete the folder can remove the program from VIEW, though "delete the folder" does not exorcise 1.0x affiliations and calls in the crannies and nooks of the os. I'm looking to fix an entry point dll error that perhaps can be laid to the vivaldi installer ... so I want to deinstall and remove the program, not hide it.

    Hard to figger why the Vivaldi crowd doesn't make it easy to deinstall and remove. They've proven to be sharp and thoughtful in other areas.

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    in DOS box ....\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe /uninstall should work.

    Depends if you installed Vivaldi for all Users or Only for You.
    For first you have to run as Administrator, for the second as User who installed Vivaldi.

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    Thanks so much, Gwen-Dragon, I'll give your suggestion a shot ...

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