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  • I just registered to get a vivaldi mail id. But it does not seems to be working. Any help on the same?
    How can i get my email id to use?

  • @Charvin Do you mean the email address? It will be

    Same password as for forum.

  • I had long wondered why I couldn't log in to Vivaldi web mail. Turns out that the forum accepts certain Unicode characters in passwords that the mail server doesn't. If you have, say, the letter Å in your password, you can log in on the forum but not on the web mail page, hence you can't access the mail. You can get around this issue by changing your password to ASCII-only characters.

    On the other hand, I tried putting a three bytes wide UTF-8 character into my password, and then even the forum wouldn't let me in, even though it accepted the password change. I had to use password recovery.

  • By the way, the password recovery page doesn't work properly on small screens. Clicking on the CAPTCHA checkbox opens up a pop-up box that is partly outside of the screen, making it hard or impossible to see the images on it.

  • Moderator

    @kumiponi That's why I never use any Unicode characters in my passwords. They always cause trouble. 😛

  • gGood to avoid keys where the numberpad is embedded too eliminates the "NumLock" differential; unless you wish the numlock to purposefully be part of the secret password. wink.
    hello Charvin. are you into your vivaldi mail ebox? Your email id be Charvin. You have been within there to confirm identity email with admin. Correct?


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