Multi-source downloads

  • In old Opera, the download manager was even "nice" with resume, quick paste and Bittorrent support. IMHO an absolutely awesome feature would be to have a multi-source download manager (i.e. if a big file is available from more than one source or the server allows more than one connection) simultaneously (is that the right word?). I mean something like the Windows-only download managers named FreeDownloadManager/FDM, NetAnts or StarDownloader: [b]Example:[/b] Imagine you download a DVD image via HTTP. The connection is at 125kb/sec. That takes ages for a 4 Gig file! If the server accepts more than one connection and/or you even have mirror links from the same file, why not making a fragmented download with N parallel connections? Or even cross-protocol mixed mode with HTTP, FTP and Bittorrent? No other browser has such a nifty download manager.


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