Full screen video, other issues

  • Hope I'm posting in the right place. There are just a few little bugs I've noticed in the past few hours of using your very promising browser. 1. "0" appears in settings menu between “Privacy” and “Display All" (see attachment) 2. Selecting ‘About Vivaldi’ from the main menu displays nothing 3. When in full screen mode, the Tab bar is displayed unless it is located in the top position 4. When originally changing preferences, "Settings" window was unable to be closed; had to force-quit. I'm using your most recent version; though I'm unable to collect version number information due to issue #2. Thanks again for releasing such an awesome browser. It handles HTML5 video for me better than Opera, Chrome, or Firefox. EDIT Also, the player on the bandcamp website is unavailable. (Strangely when the player is embedded on other sites, it works). Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/26386/ScreenShot2015-02-05at10.25.04AM.png[/img]

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