I'm new to Vivaldi; how do I remove this bar on the start screen?

  • Hi,

    I asked this on /r/vivaldibrowser, and was referred here. Here's a link to the post, and the bar I speak of is down below:

    alt text


    Does anyone have a solution to this? I know it's not exactly hindering my ability to use the browser, but I would like as much vertical space as possible for custom images on my start page (and horizontal space, but it seems I have a lot of options in that regard already). When I used Chrome, and more recently Firefox, I tried to keep things as empty as possible on new tabs and on the start page. Really, I'd just like if the start page was nothing but a blank page and an image in the background.


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    @pegglefrank - Sorry, it can't be removed yet. Please stay tuned.

  • @pegglefrank Although Vivaldi itself doesn't provide a way of disabling it, there is a workaround for this. 😉

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