Vivaldi crashes on Twitch

  • Hello,

    it happens often that Vivaldi just crashes when watching streams on twitch. Flash is not enabled. I use the html5 player.
    It happens on Windows and Linux.

  • Hi, no problem to play video with snapshot 1.7.725.3 on Linux.
    Can you please add system specs, Vivaldi version and may a link to a file that crash.

    Cheers, mib

  • About windows:
    Found out that Vivaldi does not really crash but just closes completely. And it happens when I enabled the BTTV extension and watch on twitch. It happens after some time then that Vivaldi silently closes without any message. Notified them here about it but according to them it is a browser issue:
    Maybe it happens because of some setting. Can I enabled some debug or something to see why it closes?
    BetterTTV Version is: 6.9
    Vivaldi version is: 1.6.689.40 (Stable channel) (32-Bit)

    About Linux:
    Will see if it is related to BTTV there too.
    Also try to get such a crash file. On Linux it really seems to crash because I saw some core debug file in my home directory but deleted them. So have to wait for the next crash...

  • @c_korn Well, extensions written for Chrome that try to modify/enhance the browser window CAN cause problems. Vivaldi does not use Chrome Windows - it uses the Chromium "engine" but the whole UI is written from scratch.

    I'm not saying that is the problem here, only that other Window "enhancement" extensions have failed to work.

    If you wish to report a bug to Vivaldi anyway, then use

    You will receive an email (giving you the bug number) and can reply to that with more information if necessary.

  • @TbGbe Thanks, I did that. Let's see what happens.


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