New Window is too slow

  • Opening a new window in an existing browser session takes way too long compared to new tabs. I use Vivaldi in window-only mode without tab bar (a tiling window manager already gives me tabs), but the delay when spawning a window takes away a lot of the awesomeness of that.

    It seems like a completely fresh process is launched (albeit as a child of the initial one), which acts the same as if the browser were started cold. Would it be possible to add single-process multi-window functionality?

  • I might be wrong in this one but as far as I understood it the wish for single-process-multi-window will never be granted.
    It is based in the chrome code to start a new process for every tab/window/extension/webpanel. It is part of their security concept every task runs for its own (and as far as I remember even in a sandbox) so if it dies or gets compromised it won't let the whole ship sink but only the tab or window dies.
    So unless vivaldi is getting it's own engine (which will cost tons and tons of money, manpower and working time) I think you'll never gonna see this.

    But given the said from above is true: do you have the same effect when you use chrome or opera?
    Cause they use the same system, if the answer is no your problem may be based somewhere else.

  • Well, there's --single-process parameter for Chromium. Roughly mimic Firefox.
    When I test it. My Vivaldi CPU usage spike up to 150% in htop task manager. And I can hear the fan spin like crazy. When it on its peak, mouse click become unresponsive.

    Slow new window opening is a known issue by the way. Newest topic (well, except yours);
    Opening New Window Delay / Lag

    Debian Chromium, Google Chrome, & Opera (especially Opera) open new window instantly as I press Ctrl+n.

  • I'm always comparing to chromium when I test vivaldi, and a new window appears within a second of pressing ctrl+shift+n / ctrl+n. So vivaldi with its 4 second delay is definitely slower (and as an SSD user, borderline unbearable)

    I read somewhere that vivaldi is basically a web app running on top of chromium, so maybe that's the reason for the delay? It basically has to load the complete app again for every new window.

    edit: btw, that's with the same amount of extensions in both chromium and vivaldi...

  • @Soukyuu
    I don't know about web app thing.
    I do realize however, to accommodate the features we see on Vivaldi, the devs must break Chromium and add some new stuff or remove stuff. One of them is tab managements (ex. split view or hibernate not Chromium native). This is the most likely culprit.

    That said, I'm kinda worry if say 2/3 feature request being implement internally. Just install a horde of extensions into Chromium/Chrome; they eventually would break your day. Some of those request really already professionally exist as extensions.
    Guilt note: I'm one of the requester. 😆


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