Memory Usage of Chromium Engine

  • As Vivaldi also uses the Chromium engine, I guess that it will have the same problem like other Chromium browsers: If you leave a tab open and navigate on a page some hours, it will take some hundred megabytes of RAM. Some time ago, my Opera Next took 2.5GB RAM after a workday. If you kill the process with a task manager and reload the tab, the memory will be as low as in the beginning (without visible data loss). So my idea -- and one mayor advantage compared to other browsers -- is to implement a kind of garbage collection that maybe do even exactly that: restarting the thread with freeing up memory. Surely I don't know if it's that easy and I also don't know if this would be senseful, no question. But somehow, it seems that the Chromium engine is very wasteful with memory, and IMHO it would be one of the biggest advantages to use Vivaldi instead of all other browsers 🙂

  • The first TP was really bad with memory. My 3GB nearly exploded after 30 minutes browsing.
    Now I installed the second TP and recognized that it uses less than half the memory. So they made already a beginning at cleaning RAM.
    After minimizing the browser and waiting a few seconds I can see in the task manager that RAM gets freed so it looks like the garbage collection is triggered after minimizing.
    But as DatLicht said it would be better to trigger the garbage collection more often - after closing a tab or changing to a new domain…

  • But does Vivaldi / Chromium use garbage collection at all (written in C++).? Should it not be doing manual freeing of memory when a tab is closed? Or at least have a way to change it in the settings for those with lots of RAM who prefer to keep closed tabs around for quick re-opening while those of us who choose it for small size and speed (on older computers) can set it to free memory whenever a tab is closed?


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