How to enable click-to-play? Was it lost when Chrome removed it?

  • I recently installed Vivaldi and I cannot find a way to enable Click-to-play plugins.

    When I open the Vivaldi settings, there's nothing at all about that. I tried visiting:
    however all I see is the chrome settings window, which recently got rid of that option (Which is why I got rid of Chrome).

    Thanks for your help

  • @michealpwalls
    It's upstream Chromium who kick that option. Now it's only Flash in content settings. As far I'm aware, all Chromium incarnations also like this.

    For other plugins, all we got is vivaldi://plugins with "Always allowed to run" or "Disable" at all.

  • Ouch! Darn Google. Of course they wouldnt' want people in control of nasty ads 😞

    I haven't given up though, I will keep using Vivaldi as my primary browser and only use Opera for the streaming/news sites. Somehow Opera has retained this option (Even tho they got rid of all the other cool options that made me love Opera LOL):


    Some background info:
    The biggest issue is the flash-based traps that are translucent and overlay ontop of the video control.. So everytime you try and click pause/play or fullscreen buttons on the video control you accidentally click into the flash trap and a bunch of pop-ups/stuff happens. Ad-blockign extensions quickly close the pop-ups and strip away the stuff, but the end result is a video you cannot get to play because you cannot click on it. Even when you use the "hide element" feature of an ad-blocking extension, it ends up stripping the flash-based trap and the video 😞

    I have only been able to deal with these nasty things using click-to-play. With click-to-play I can easily see the full-screen flash and just right-click on it and hide it to get at the video.

    It sounds trivial but it's often a show-stopper for most of the streaming sites I use, such as thevideo[DOT]me.

  • @michealpwalls
    Actually, "Block sites from running Flash" in Vivaldi or any Chrom* is "Right click to really play".
    Only current Opera still split the options

  • @dLeon Oh sweet! I didn't realize that! Yay 🙂


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