Set home page to "Start Page"

  • Hey guys, is there any way to set home page button to "Start Page"...
    Maybe the link just like "about:blank". I have tried "about:start", "about:startpage", etc... but doesn't work... 😢

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    Use vivaldi://startpage

    You can also use chrome://newtab for any custom "Start Page" extension from the Chrome Web Store.

  • @pafflick wow... it works perfectly now... thx

  • @pafflick said in Set home page to "Start Page":


    not sure what i've done but speed dial has stopped showing as default start, any tips on fixing it?

  • @premier69
    Vivaldi owned Start Page which have Speed Dials is vivaldi://startpage.
    chrome://newtab usually only used by people who use New Tab Page extensions.
    chrome://newtab it self doesn't do anything in Vivaldi.

    If you change "Homepage" in Startup settings to other than Start Page, of course Vivaldi Start Page doesn't show up as Homepage.

    If.. you want to change New Tab page only. You could do it in Tabs settings. "New Tab Page" settings is in there.
    There, Blank Page already available as option, with others point to Homepage, Start Page or specific address.

  • I have speeddial, until just recently it was set to default and that is how i want it, i cant figure out why vivaldis own now instead is set to default, i only want speeddial and im wondering it there is some way i can manually set it, force it back to using speeddial.

    if for example this was firefox i'd use about:config ,is there some way in vivaldi?

    I dont want to uninstall speeddial if i dont have to and reinstall because of risking losing all the settings and dials...

  • @premier69

    I dont want to uninstall speeddial if i dont have to and reinstall because of risking losing all the settings and dials...

    You should mentioned it before on your 1st post, that you actually mean external extension called Speed Dial. That's confusing if you forgot that.
    The name "Speed Dials" is also used everywhere else, including Vivaldi "Speed Dial or FVD "Speed Dial".

    The use of chrome://newtab is not a feature, it's a work around for Vivaldi.
    As something related to that address had been fix in last snapshot, some people will need another work around until it fully addressed.

    You could try this idea;

    Or point which "Speed Dial" extension you're talking about.
    I see there's at least 4 extensions in Chrome Store with name only "Speed Dial" with different developers.

  • Native Vivaldi Speeddial+VivaldiHooks lets you have many thumbs and allows you to change the thumb image as you wish, I don't even see the need to install a 3rd party extension for it 🙂


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