When closing tabs, sometimes they immediately reopen: sometimes the start page clones itself

  • Seemingly randomly, when I close a tab, sometimes it immediately reopens itself. Sometimes, I close the last tab (other than pinned tabs) and a new tab immediately opens with the start page. Other times I click the "+" to open the start page/new tab, and two open.

    I haven't been able to track down exactly the circumstances under which this happens, but I always have 3 pinned tabs open.

    As for tab-related settings:

    • Lazy Load Restored Tabs (checked)
    • New tab: after related tab
    • Clone tab: after cloned tab
    • always activate related tab (checked)
    • close tab activation: activate in recently used order
    • Tab cycling: cycle in tab order
    • show tab cycler (checked)
    • don't close pinned tabs (checked)
    • enabled tab selection (checked) (include active tab in initial selection)
    • align next close button (checked)


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