Some questions

  • Why is Vivaldi loading slow om my mac ?
    Why this huge ram consumption?
    Will there be a solution to hide the scrollbars ?

    Just curious

  • which version do you use?
    My laptop is rMBP2015(10.12.2), and doesn't have the problems you mentioned.
    Just opening Vivaldi is a little slow, maybe 2~3 seconds (chrome is under 1 second), but loading a page is very smooth and fast.
    and ram usage is just like chrome, not "so" much....😊
    and last... in vivaldi://flags has an option "Overlay Scrollbars", maybe is what u need

  • I,m on a iMac with 10.12.3 Beta (16D30a)

    Still on beta, I,ve had this issue in stable versions too, Vivaldi loads in 5-6 seconds. Thats to much. Ram consumtion is a bit better with latest release, but still way over the top.
    I guess it will be better with time, love the browser. Will keep using it 🙂


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