Powerful Features for Pinned Tabs

  • Web Panels are an awesome feature of Vivaldi, but they get short easily, for example for sites that are not responsive. On the other side, Pinned Tabs solve this problem but lacks some of the features that Web Panels have. Also there are other features that could make pinned tabs a power tool for web apps.

    Per Pinned Tab Home Page

    Currently is easy to navigate away from the original pinned tab and lose the web app behavior. Adding a set home to the contextual menu of pinned tabs will allow to set a custom home just for that pinned tab. A feature present in Web Panels, would be great to have also added to pinned tabs.

    Per Pinned or Globally Pinned Tab Option to Hide Address Bar

    Some web apps UX is so well thought that navigating through It doesn't require the use of an address bar. Some of others though will require the use of It, for navigation, to copy the current location, or to know where are you at the time.

    Option to Rename a Pinned Tab

    Most of the time web apps names are not descriptive enough for what they are used. Take as an example bookmarks apps, they could be named Booky, Xbooks, Marky, but you just want it to appear as Bookmarks; or you just want Spotify to appear as Music.

    By default the pinned tab name/title would be set as empty so normal title extracted from meta title would be used.

    Option to Arrange Pinned Tabs as a Grid of Buttons when Using Sidebar Tabs

    Vivaldi is one of the few(if not the only one) that have Sidebar Tabs, a cool feature that makes tabs less painful for wide desktop monitors. Wide desktop monitors run out of vertical space easily with too many horizontal bars.

    In Sidebar Tabs, Pinned Tabs however are arranged so they occupy al the width of the Tabs Bar, arranging them as a grid removing the title and enlarging the icons will give more space for normal tabs, and add more visibility to Pinned Tabs.


    Pinned Tabs add great functionality to web browsers, helping web apps to look like normal OS native apps, with the help of fullscreen one could make the browser Its daily workspace; enhancing Pinned Tabs could make that to be possible.

    Will add some mockups soon.


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