Functions people with visual impairments

  • I work in a school and a media-consulting-center for [b][u]visually impaired[/u][/b] children. Mousless computer usage is very important for us. The old Opera was the only browser, in which the navigation between the links with Shift+Arrow-Keys worked. So we always told our children to use this browser. It was the unique characteristic for Opera regarding visual impairments. Also the old Menu-Bar was very effective to use for our children. It was not only accessible but also very usable by Alt and shortkeys Finally it was very neatly arranged. Additionally the fulltext search (Ctrl+f) on a website was easily to use. You could close the searchbox and navigate with F3 through all hits on the site. Also backwards by using Shift+F3. In spite of closing the searchbox the last entered keyword was still in it when opend the next time. Please reimplement those features.

  • Menu bar is there, enable it on the View menu. No idea if it is screen reader compatible though, as I don't use one.

    In-page search is Ctrl-F, haven't really looked at that yet;

  • Perhaps I didn't recognize it but I don't see a change by activating the "horizontal menu bar" in the view region in settings. Should this affect the "V-button" in the upper left corner?
    However it is not possible to jump into the v-menu by the Alt-Key. Does anybody know another way without mouse?


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