chess(dot)com is broken (v1.7.725.3)

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    After updating to latest snapshot chess(dot)com is broken. I can't access "live chess" or tactics.
    I can access videos and other content just not those two areas.
    Now using v1.7.725.3. chess(dot)com worked fine with previous snapshot.
    Vivaldi fixed my issue with YouTube and now chess(dot)com is broken.
    Don't want to roll back to v1.6 because v1.7.725.3 is in many ways better than
    any previous version.

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    Filed a bug report. Something I should have done in the first place.

  • @Para-Noid said in chess(dot)com is broken (v1.7.725.3):

    I can't access "live chess" or tactics.

    Not having a login, I can't access Live Chess.
    However, using Vivaldi 1.7.725.3, I can use Tactics (as a guest).

    Is the problem only after log-in?

    Oops, just realised this is windows forum and I'm using Linux Mint.
    I doubt there is an O.S. problem - but still.

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    BTW, chess(dot)com works fine in Firefox. Not in Vivaldi.

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