"New Tab Position: After Related Tab" not respected when using mouse gesture "Open Link in New Tab"

  • Hopefully this is how to report bugs? I'm not used to the forum format. :)

    Vivaldi 1.7.725.3 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) on Linux

    To reproduce

    1. In "Vivaldi Settings: Tabs" > "New Tab Position", choose "After Related Tabs".
    2. Visit http://example.com
    3. Use a "down" mouse gesture over the "More information…" link:
      2.1. Hover over the "More information…" link.
      2.2. Hold down the right mouse button.
      2.3. Drag down some distance.
      2.4. Release the right mouse button


    New tab opens next to the active tab (or the other tabs opened from this one). This behavior is seen if you replace the gesture in step 3 with:

    1. Right click on the "More information…" link and select "Open Link in New Tab".


    Tab is opened at the end of the tab list.

  • @lastorset
    I could confirm this.
    Unlike Firefox Tab Mix Plus extension, where we can tweak what "After Related Tabs" mean, there's no option for that in Chromium overall.
    It effect normal use of open link in tab, not just mouse gestures as you said.

    The only usable option is "After Active Tab", which do as it said. "As Last Tab" is default Chromium.
    Common other options on Chrome "Tab Opening" extensions.

    • After active tab.
    • Before active tab.
    • As first tab.

    These three are the only options that not eventually come buggy one day or another.

  • Gestures are pretty much the only way I open new tabs, so I hit this a few dozen times a day. :)

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