Drop the frame theme

  • I noticed that when using keyboard navigation as the tab display mode, the whole window frame is colored like the tabs would be normally. That's great, but when I'm using any other tab view, the current appearance leads me to think the window is inactive - [i]especially[/i] on Windows 8. Even the close button is faded out like any other inactive window. Edit: More specifically, it colors the frame in every instance where the tabs are not located at the top of the window. My suggestion--while probably drastic--is to simply let the system theme the window. I care more about the program I'm using [i]blending in[/i] with the operating system, not standing out. I would rather see my transparency (using glass8, although this would apply to Windows 7 as well) and selected Aero color apply to this window like any other, [strike]at least when not in keyboard navigation mode.[/strike] I see you're also forcing the Windows 8 aesthetic on Windows 7 (buttons and all!), and I feel that's in bad taste. If it wasn't for the improved feature-set of Windows 8, I would still be on Windows 7 purely for its aesthetic, and I certainly wouldn't use this browser there if it tried to push an aesthetic that doesn't belong on my system. The "new Opera" is one step ahead in this regard. Sorry if this comes off as rude sounding, but I honestly couldn't think of a better way to articulate my point.


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