Loss of right click (and combobox) after some time

  • Hi,

    I'm using Vivaldi 1.6.689.46_p1 on Gentoo.

    I've had a weird problem twice already. After some time, right click does not work anymore on the browser. It is also impossible to use combobox (HTML select), they simply don't pop the list. And the menu of the browser doesn't open with Alt either.

    If I restart the browser, it works, but it's pretty annoying.

    Is that a known issue ?


  • I can reliably reproduce that with the "ctwm" window manager. After starting vivaldi, the menu bar (or menu button) dropdown works. However, any try of a right-click doesn't work and will the menu bar/button fail, too, their drop-downs now don't show up either.
    Sometimes the right-click works even with ctwm, but after the first loss of focus (clicking on some other window outside vivaldi or changing the workspace and then returning to vivaldi), both right-click and menu bar/button won't work either.

    So I guess it's some weird focus problem that might happen with other window managers, too, but not as reproducable as with ctwm. Opera 42 (based on chromium 54) shows the same problem with ctwm, but chromium 54 itself works fine.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the answer

    It may come from some specific window managers indeed. I'm using awesome window manager, so it may be Vivaldi is not fully compatible with it 😞

  • @wichtounet
    Just a thought.
    Maybe problems with all Stacking/Tiling WM?

    Other person have problem with Vivaldi on I3 WM. He/She want to remove padding above tabs. Which normally the option in Vivaldi setting do it perfectly in normal Floating WM. I use OpenBox, so I don't get either that thread or this thread problem.


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