Bizarre cache issue on one site requires forced reload

  • I can't figure out why this happens, but I feel that it might be useful to know, since I think something very specific has gone off about my main copy of Vivaldi. I think that because I have tested this in other copies of Vivaldi and can't reproduce it.

    Simply, any of the posts here, including any listed under "View Older Entries," load without images. Every time. Until I hit Ctrl-Shift-R, when they load properly. Every time.

    The kicker: when I revisit any of these posts that just loaded fine because of Ctrl-Shift-R, I find the same problem! I need to use Ctrl-Shift-R again, as if the cache from moments earlier isn't being use at all somehow.

    I haven't noticed this on other sites, not even other sections of Wunderground, just these blog posts.

    Latest 1.6 x64 on Win10

  • Moderator

    With other browsers like Chrome or Firefox the images are broken, too.
    The external server which serves the images has a problem and does not find the images.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Not here. Did you maybe hit it when there was a site problem? I've been watching this phenomenon for a couple weeks.

    And if there was a site problem, how would that explain Ctrl-Shift-R?

  • Moderator

    I don't need Ctrl Shift R now. May be the server for the images had a hickup.


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