[bug] 1.7.725.3 64-bit: "Change search engine" drop-down list ceases to function

  • Anyone else notice this? After adding some searches, the drop-down list of the search field doesn't work anymore. It would get stuck on certain searches. For instance you add a search, then use it via the drop-down list, and after that the drop-down list is not working anymore. If you had used an older search right after adding the new search, the drop-down list would still work. It's only after actually using a new search that the button ceases to function.

    I had this problem before, after I added 10+ searches. But it went away after a restart of Vivaldi. So I didn't bother to investigate further.

    Now I currently have 22 searches and when I add another, a restart won't help anymore. Although as soon as I remove the last search or the one it gets stuck on, the drop-down list works again, not even having to do a restart. I guess it's a bug in the database code that stores and updates changes to the settings.

    I had this problem with this search: https://youglish.com/?accent=&q=%s

    But here is the thing. It may have nothing to do with the URL, that URL doesn't work anyway actually which is another bug I guess (problem of the site or recognizing the right URL on behalf of Vivaldi?). I have to replace it with "https://youglish.com/search/%s" for it to function. But it also happens with other searches, too. So my guess is it's more likely the sheer amount of searches I currently use, although I don't think 22 is a lot. After a certain amount of searches have been added or when certain characters are used, maybe that trips up Vivaldi?

    I'll investigate this further when I have more time, but right now I wonder if anyone else has encountered this or if this already a known bug.

    Thank you

  • Yes, it's here since a couple of SS versions, I already reported it, twice, because at first I thought it was related to another problem. I've talked about it in this thread
    I confirm that removing "some" search engines then it works again. Different numbers of search engines on 2 different PCs anyway, it's not a constant.

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    Confirmed issue in bugtracker.

  • @iAN-CooG Have you any insight in what it is that triggers it? Is there anything specific about those search engines? So basically is there any workaroung?

  • I don't understand javascript but running vivaldi in debug the console in dev tools shows that an object "e" isn't created when clicking the search lens or cursor down in searchfield. It works by removing enough engines.
    So far the only workaround, for me, was to remove enough search engines. I have now 15 of 20 in work's PC, 17 of 20 at home. Let's see next snapshot if a fix is included, I have all my search engines strings saved on a txt so I can reenter them at anytime, the ones I've deleted were actually just added because I can, but seldom used 🙂

  • @iAN-CooG Thanks for that information. That helps a lot actually. Those are quite some hints.

  • Well, it has more to do with the code that handles the order of the searches in the drop-down list. There are two things I noticed:

    • Sometimes closing a tab triggers the button losing function, not selecting a different search, but before closing the tab, the search has to be different from the default one.
    • Also when I had pressed the button once, then go straight to the settings window (it's set to be the seperate window, not a tab, btw) and delete one of the searches, the drop-down list appears instantly.


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