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  • Can you give a feature that when a page is opened, the browser reads it out loud. And obviously you can disable this feature easily. Or suggest that it reads n number of lines say first 5 lines which is configurable by user and then stops. I think it can be revolutionary :). I love your browser.

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  • @gilidazzle
    Isn't this a Screen Reader jobs? 😕
    Windows & Mac already has that built in, isn't it?

    Even if this going through; how many Audio Languages it will needed. It will totally big.

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    I think things which could be better done by a real screenreader or a reader extension would not be implemented.

    A real problem are good voices and most voices you can understand und like it to hear, cost much licence fees.

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    During the first half (perhaps more) of the life of OldeOpera (pre-Opera 15) it had a "voice" component. It was discontinued due (I think) a couple of factors: Harder and harder to maintain, and the maturation of system screen readers, which made it redundant.

  • Nice insight everyone. It can start for English alone and have what kind of voice, speed etc you want configurable in settings. And a person clicks the region or paragraph and voice starts speaking it if the voice feature is on by user. It can definitely be good to have.

  • When you search in the chrome extension store for text to speech you get some results that might interest you. The one that fittet your description best in my opinion might be Select and Speak (please note I didn't tested this I just read the description)

    Or you can use the text to speech utilities that should be build in to your system - for windows visit the ms-helpsite for an explanation on how to activate and use narator

    Note: You maybe need to change the en-us part in the url to make it fit your language because narrator has various names depending on the standard language of the used win version.

    On the other hand it might be worth a thought or two if it would be affordable with low time and working cost to implement an option to use the standard text to speech services provided by the OS via a context menu or something like that.

  • hello gilidazzle
    Ayespy hit on it with the word redundant. In this Vivaldi on Windows column comes Narrator.
    Type into menu or desktop search Narrator, click on result Narrator. browser voice. learn Narrator from Windows ease of access features.
    .>Control Panel >Ease of Access > Start Narrator
    hey Cortana ! Narrator help?

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