Automatically stack tabs by site?

  • Would be great if I could open a news site, and open a bunch of articles in new tabs, and all tabs from that site's domain would open in a stack automatically, rather than needing to be manually stacked after being opened

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    @iavenjqasdf: There's a setting to "Open tabs in current stack," meaning that any tab you open from one that's already in a stack, will open in that same stack. Now all that would be needed to get what you want would be for that setting to work even if the tab you were in was NOT a member of a current stack.

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    @iavenjqasdf If you have the option mentioned by @Ayespy checked, here's what you could do:

    1. Open the news site.
    2. Open one article in a new tab.
    3. Stack those two tabs together.
    4. Now open as many articles as you wish. All those tabs will be stacked together.

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