Article: Vivaldi is building “Opera as it should’ve been”

  • Quite an interesting article, though a little worrying from a financial standpoint.

    Aside from using Yahoo and Bing (which I see now have referrer strings attached to them--unfortunately, not Google's), is there anything else we can do in the use of the browser?

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    @rseiler Promote, promote, promote. Tell your friends. Post to social media, Install it on the computers of every relative you have. Introduce it to your school, your work, your department. The growth model will have to be an epidemiological/viral model. Word of mouth. Jon is literally traveling the globe, speaking at conferences, meeting with journalists face-to-face and giving interview after interview. He's doing his part. We can do ours.

  • @rseiler -- Thanks for mentioning this. I did find the article most interesting, & actually the three pages of comments rather fascinating. The full gamut was on display there; V likers & enthusiasts [though i recognised very few names from here]; V agnostics who were nonetheless quite knowledgeable & made useful remarks; Joe & Jolene Average users [whose presence on such a site frankly surprised me] who sometimes made astonishingly naive mis/uninformed remarks, & whose use-demands had a very low threshold [but some of them nevertheless seemed to "get" & value the V ethos]; & outright techno-bigots who seemed to hate V "just because".

    Of this latter cohort, i actually frequently had to just giggle & shake my head. A common trope was along the lines of "i tried V back when it was first made public & it made the earth spin backwards, my head to levitate, & oh yeah btw it didn't do x, y & z but it did keep crashing & murdering the cat. i haven't tried it since then but i'm still gonna vent my spleen here now in A/R comments coz i'm certain that it's total crap, & btw why doesn't it have tree-style tabs?". Or something. I love [in the sense of not at all] such dopes. Another trope was posters who were simply certain that they knew the V business-case better than the V owners & Devs, that it couldn't possibly work, & so why should they shift from Safari or Chrome anyway? [non sequiturs are always fun, except when they're not].

  • What's most interesting is the commenter.

    For practically new comer browser and or company that just show out from nowhere targeted for specific demographic (power user). I'm quiet surprise that post invite many commenter just in sort time.

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    This post is deleted!

  • That was an interesting article. I think Vivaldi's user base will grow eventually. The Android version will almost certainly help that.


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