Needs Keychain integration

  • I was an Opera user since 3.62 on Windows. When I switched to the Mac after almost ten years of Opera on Windows, WebKit browsers left Presto in the dust, and I - grudgingly at first - switched to Chrome, then later to Safari. Now, ten years later again, I still miss being able to search my tabs, do mass downloads, etc. (though Apple has done such a great job in providing trackpad/Magic Mouse gestures that I don't need mouse gestures anymore).

    When I heard about Vivaldi, I was intrigued! A browser with a powerful UI and a powerful, compatible engine, developed by people I trust? Count me in!

    But, as it is, I can't use it. I have all my passwords stored in iCloud keychain. I might be able to live without Safari's other integrations like iCloud Tabs, I am sure I could stand whatever else isn't finished yet in Vivaldi, but I need my passwords to sync between my desktop and my iPhone.

    Are there any plans to add (iCloud) keychain integration? There should be. It's one of the greatest features of using a Mac.

  • @fzwo a keychain integration would definitely be nice. I've been manually inputting all my passwords from my keychain to Vivaldi by visiting each website and logging into all of my accounts for now. It a good hour+ for me to complete the whole list of passwords lol

  • Even worse, it's not just a one-time thing. I rely on the fact that when I sign up on a new website on either my Mac or my iPhone, I will be able to log in and autofill my secure password on the other device.
    Poor password manager usability (which lack of sync definitely counts as) leads to weak passwords. I believe this goes against Vivaldi's values.

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