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  • New user here. Finally decided to replace IE. It's getting a little long in the tooth and Edge isn't a suitable replacement for me (The UI is really really buggy, or nonexistant). Which is unfortunate. IE has been the best browser since 7 launched, IMO. A modern engine with IEs UI would be almost perfect.

    Anyway, overall I'm liking this browser, but, something that bothers me about all browsers that's true here...

    Where is the standard context menu on right click? Is there any way to restore it? It's one of the reasons I was still using IE. I use it all the time, and several of the options are just not in other browsers. Particularly the standard properties box, which I use multiple times a day. Why does no browser have this anymore? Surely I'm not the only user that used it...

    With all the customizing here, why can I not just use the standard windows context menu?

  • @Sagelukahn Each browser has its own context menu. Is there really a standard for such a thing?

    You can, however get the information seen in IE's Properties in Vivaldi by clicking the icon directly to the left of the URL and then clicking "Details."

  • There definitely is a standard windows context menu... all browsers used to use it. I have no idea why they stopped, stripped most of it out and called it a new feature. It's one of many reasons I never strayed from IE.

    And that doesn't give me the windows property window, and would only do so for the page, how would one select an object and do that?

  • @Sagelukahn I'm looking at IE's menu right now. What windows property menu? There's Properties in the context menu, and that leads to the same info as you get via the badge in other browsers.

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    @rseiler : user is apparently talking about the "properties" selection at the bottom of the IE context menu that one gets with right-clicking an object. Same information we get if we right-click and select "inspect."

  • Inspect opens up the developer tools panel. It doesn't open up a windows object property panel. Like if you right clicked a folder in explorer and clicked properties, that sort of standard display of an objects properties. Also, IE has the inspect button as well which does the same thing as other browsers.

    Maybe I really am one of the last ever people who use this daily... >_>

  • I'm curious, what are you getting out of object properties? There are 4 things, and surely Protocol (which you already know), Type (which is never available), and Address (which is easily known in other ways, like hovering) aren't it.

    Is it whatever the first item is?

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    @Sagelukahn - When you open "inspect," you do not get the developer tools (tho it's a similar kind of data view). However, highlighted in the view that you just opened, is data concerning the object you right-clicked on. It's essentially the same data you get in your Properties dialogue, but without the fancy formatting. Just the data. The name of the object, its size, address, alt text, etc. Whatever PROPERTIES the object posseses.

  • There are 7 things, if you do it to an image.

    The first item is the file or objects name.

    Then there's protocol and type which as you say are pretty useless these days.

    Then there is the address which is very useful and is not easily surmised by other means outside of pouring over page sources, hovering does not show you the location of the object, just where the object links to.

    Then file size, which rarely shows up, but sometimes can be useful if it does.

    Then dimensions, also very useful.

    Then at the bottom you have the created and modified date for the file. Not especially useful, but can be sometimes.

  • @Ayespy No, it really does open the developer tools... Unless the window named "Developer Tools" isn't the developer tools.

    Also, no, as far as I can tell the same information is not there. Though it's similar... But who knows? I can't read raw code. I'm not a programmer.

  • @Sagelukahn I see, I hadn't tried it on a pic.

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    @Sagelukahn No, the Property you mean is a IE feature.
    A request to see the properties of a image in Vivaldi is made but not in progress.

    You may use a extension. Have a look at image properties extensions

  • @Gwen-Dragon ...It's been a standard windows function since, what, Win 3.0? All the other browsers used to have it. They all coded it out by not using the standard context menu. I remember when FF did so years ago, it was very deliberately removed. Yes, it's exclusive to IE these days, which baffles me, but it's a standard windows application thing.

    I couldn't find an extension that restored this functionality (or anything else missing from the standard context menu). I am apparently one of very few who noticed it missing.

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    @Sagelukahn I know as i use Windows since NT. The property page you mean exists in Explorer and IE only.
    But it is not existent this way in Opera (old and new), Firefox or Chrom*.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Why is that? I never understood why removing functionality was called a feature? They had to work harder to make it this way even, which is weird. They could've all just used windows built in functions for the whole lot.

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    @Sagelukahn Nobody removed it as i did never exist in other browsers.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Firefox definitely had it back in the day. They removed it years ago though.

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    @Sagelukahn Many years ago.
    I think they did not build in as it is not needed by most users.

    Please have a look at , search if such feature is wished and upvote it or if not found please add one short post per feature request!

  • @Gwen-Dragon There was a similar enough request. Upvoted. Guess I'll have to keep IE on my taskbar in the meantime. 😑

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    @Sagelukahn Two things:

    1. There's no such thing as a "standard context menu". Each Windows program and app has it's own context menu and it can consist of various elements and commands - some being "standard" for the majority of other software (like e.g. "Cut", "Copy", "Paste" etc.) and some being specific for the app that their being used for (like eg. "Rotate Image" in Paint).
    2. It's true that some browsers have or had at some point the "Properties" command which would bring a window with properties of an element on which it was clicked, but the command and the properties box or window had to be built into the browser in order to offer such functionality in the first place.


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