Vivaldi move and resize window so drag bar is not reachable

  • Setup:
    Windows 10 Preview with 3 4k screens.
    The screens are set up with one at 100 % zoom, one at 125% zoom and one at 150% zoom.
    When computer is locked windows move around and sometimes the drag bar goes above the reachable area so I can't move the vivaldi window to where I can manage and look at it properly. Everytime Vivaldi is closed and is opened 1 of the 2 windows I use are unreachable in the manner described. Also there is always one window I can't open by clicking on. Solution is to close by rightclick on task bar and pray the history isn't lost when I can finally reach it after 2-4 tries.
    This is so frustrating that Google chrome is a better option for me currently.

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    @siggjen Try using the Windows Key + the cursor keys.

    • Windows key + Up will maximise the window
    • Windows key + Up will restore the window
    • Windows key + Left will dock it on the left, etc.

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    @siggjen Another way to bring up the Maximize / Minimize window commands is to press [ALT] + [SPACEBAR].
    Furthermore, if you close a window, all tabs from that window should be accessible from the trash icon in the upper right corner in Vivaldi.

  • Thank you for workarounds, but that will not satisfy me. I would like to get a fix.

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    @siggjen Then report a bug and attach a detailed information on how to reproduce that bug.


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