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  • I'm using latest vivaldi snapshot with windows 10 32bit. The following page doesn't display the small popup window containing the solution to a question when clicking on a traffic light, but simply shows shortly an empty screen without any text.
    http://www.schubert-verlag.de/aufgaben/xg/xg05_01.htm Popups are allowed. On all other browsers the popup works.

  • Yes, popup windows in Vivaldi are not working, by design. If anything they create a new tab, but that popup in javascript make it close immediately.

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    Currently popup windows open as new tab. That is a bug in implementation. No fix xet. But work is in progress!

  • This seems to have resurfaced - for me at least. I can no longer log in to Streak CRM, which uses a small popup window to authenticate with Google. It has been working for many weeks, but has recently failed again. The popup opens momentarily and then immediately closes before you can use it to authenticate. Using 1.10.862.6 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • settings/appereance/open popups in tabs, uncheck it

  • Already unchecked - not changed it for many weeks... Now behaves the same whether checked or unchecked - either a new tab or a new window is created, which then immediately closes.

  • Sites which use popup windows are just bad design. In this specific case they could just blend in the answer below button. Popups have only a very narrow use case and make seldom sense. Most are lazy programming and have no right being on the site anyway. I don't miss them in Vivaldi.

  • Whilst I don't disagree with you about design, I will certainly miss Vivaldi if going back to Chrome is the only fix. Not using Gmail & Streak on principle isn't really an option for me...

  • @dsl101 If popup windows are absolutely essential to you, then yes, Vivaldi is a bad choice right now.

  • For anyone else who's interested in getting this to work rather than dismissing popups as bad design, it turns out the culprit was AdBlockPlus. Disabling that allowed the popup to work and sign in.

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