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  • One really nuisance when using other browsers is that the zoom is obviously used per host, not per tab. I find that is extremely annoying (as every single page on one host can have a different size). I would ask you to implement the zoom feature like in Opera 12.x: - Zoom factor is for THIS tab only. - If you click on a link in THIS tab to open a new tab, the new one should inherit the zoom factor. - Zoom in OTHER tabs is not affected by THIS tab. Am I the only one that is extremely annoyed by this nuisance?

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    No, you're not the only one. I also consider it highly annoying. I would add one more point to the wish, though:
    ā€“ configurable default site zoom in site preferences.

  • Both, per site, per tab and even system wide zoom settings are useful in different situations.

    As usual, the better way is to have a choice, fine grained settings are always the best options for experienced and/or exigent users.. šŸ˜‰

  • This is indeed very annoying.
    As someone who enjoys doing 3D, i often find myself browsing some texture libraries, open a ton of texture-images to a new tab, zoom them so i can see the details (many different sized images), and sometimes compare a few of them, having all tabs zoom when i zoom in/out is just madness when doing stuff like that.

    (oh, and to add to that, "click on active tab to select the last active tab" would also be quite handy for comparing)

  • Chrome is getting zoom API (methods actually) in ver 42 (currently in Dev channel).
    So probably from that point, you can expect zoom per tab manipulation.
    Until then, per-origin is only way to zoom in chromiums

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    I think zoom per domain very annoying too.

  • I agree, it would be good to have an option to select zoom modes between current one and the one in the first post.


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