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    I'm having the exact same problem on completely different hardware. (Intel, NVIDIA, etc.) It's only a problem on Windows—I have Vivaldi installed on several machines—and it's only a problem in Vivaldi.

    I've enclosed a cropped, enlarged section of a screenshot to illustrate. I resized the screenshot using only nearest-neighbor enlargement. I saved the cropped segment to a PNG to ensure lossless-only compression. The artifacting seen is NOT a result of compression or of the enlargement.

    As the screenshot shows, it's the entire browser window that looks like it's been badly compressed, including the UI.

    This looks like something I might experience using some kind of remote desktop-sharing software, except that I don't have any installed. This is captured DIRECTLY on the machine running Vivaldi.

    Note: 64-bit build on 64-bit Windows.


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