Bye Bye

  • Oh well, it crashes at random points by me browsing same sites over and over again (which i need for my work) so i'm forced to migrate back to Chrome.

    Sorry guys, no offense but i need stable browser regardless of how many awesome features it lacks.

    Wish you all good and we shall see if this brower will be my default once more in the future.

  • I don't understand why everyone who leaves Vivaldi feels a need to say so. It's a very young software which is constantly updated and being worked on of course it's not perfect. No one cares if you leave. If something is stopping you from using Vivaldi as your default browser but you still like it you can use it as your side browser, maybe install beta version, subscribe to their blog on witch they post updates and you can help by posting feedback.

  • Moderator

    User did not want to get feedback.
    Closing this.


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