Keep crashing

  • I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I have.

    It appears that whenever I click the right mouse button on an image, the browser crashes. It's unbelievably frustrating to use Vivaldi to browse but then switching to Chrome in order to save an image.

    Any idea how I can fix that?

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    @Daniel9339 - Someone might come up with an idea if you would be so kind as to tell us what sort of hardware you are running on, what your operating system is (Win 7, 8, 10?) which version number of Vivaldi you have, and what extensions you run, if any. A sample URL of where this happens might be nice, as well.

  • Okay, my OS is windows 10 on Asus S301L. I have the latest version of Vivaldi for Window (1.6). As for extensions I use a couple like Google translate, Pocket, scholar google and the like.Let me know if you need the full list. this an example of a website that the problem has occurred.


  • Some extensions can be incompatible or cause problem, yes.
    As first I'd try disabling all your extensions and see if it gets better. Drastic measure is to actually removing them for good. If it works again, try adding just one extension at a time.

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    @Daniel9339: I'm on The hardware listed in my signature. I also unlimbered my old Lenovo laptop (32-bit Win10 on a 3.0 GHz dual core and 4 GB RAM) for testing purposes, and could not replicate your problem.

    You did not say what version of Vivaldi you are on, so I tested 1.6 Stable and the latest 1.7 Snapshot. Can't get it to demonstrate your problem.

    Hence, I'm gonna assume it's an extension, or some other corruption that has made its way into your profile. I'll recommend that you turn of your extensions and try again, as iAN_CooG mentioned, and if that doesn't expose the problem, then refresh your profile, which is actually a pretty quick and easy diagnostic and fix for many problems.

  • You used Data Saver offered by Google, didn't you?
    If so, I think that the process that Data Saver changes clicked jpg files into webP files made your Vivaldi crashed.

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    @Yuyu.K This extension does not work in Vivaldi, remove it.

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