Language selection for the unread section

  • I read a lot of the posts on this forum via the unread section so my question is: Can I somehow select which unread posts are shown to me?

    Due to the fact that I only understand a limited number of languages and on top don't use a mac it would be nice to have an option to make a preselection which subforums show me their new posts as unread.

    Or is there already an option for this and I just can't find it?
    (I hope there wasn't already a request like this if yes it would be nice if somebody could post a link thanks in advance)

  • @zaibon Use the "Watching" selection near the bottom of the forum page(s).
    Probably best to drill down to each sub-forum and then set "ignoring" for the ones you do not want to appear.

  • @TbGbe Thanks a lot ... Although I feel kind of stupid right now but yes that fixed it...
    Don't know why I only saw the "wachting" selection while reading posts itself and not while navigating the forum.

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