Vivaldi Load Time on Mac Slow

  • Hi there, I have been noticing that Vivaldi has been loading very slowly during startup on Mac. I have seen on Windows computers that Vivaldi loads relatively quickly compared to Mac. Please developers, fix this.

    MacBook Pro 15-inch Early 2015
    2.7GHz Intel Core i5
    8GB of 1867MHz RAM
    I have had this device for almost 2 years.

  • Are you really referring to the time it takes Vivaldi to start when you include it as a Login Item so that it gets automatically started when you boot up your Mac? If yes, a lot of different processes compete for resources right after you have started your Mac, so I would not be surprised if Vivaldi took much longer to load as a Login Item compared to when you start it normally while the system is already fully running.

    If you meant that the normal start time of Vivaldi is slow, how slow are we talking? On my 2013 MacBookPro, it takes about 3-4 seconds for Vivaldi to launch, which is not super fast, but totally acceptable to me because I don't close and restart the browser 20 times a day.

  • No, I am referring to the time it takes to open Vivaldi when Vivaldi is not already open. I understand that many other Mac users have this problem. And, I do not have Vivaldi as a login item.

  • @BlazeKing252 And, we are talking slow for my machines general start times.

  • Ah ok, the "loading very slowly during startup" sounded very much like you were talking about launching Vivaldi during system startup.

    The reason why I asked for how long it takes to launch Vivaldi on your machine is because I wanted to figure out whether you are experiencing abnormally slow launch times (say 10 seconds or more on your machine) or whether you are referring to the fact that Vivaldi does not start quite as fast as Safari, for instance.

    If it's the latter, there is work being done on optimizing launch performance and performance on creating new windows.


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