Transition from good ol opera12

  • Hi folks and thanks for the hard work.
    I am a long time opera user and below are my suggestions:

    • I want to be able to get rid of on/off toggle panel and call bookmarks/downloads from horizontal main menu. It saves some screen space and toggle panel is not on the way when you are working with two monitors.
    • I want to past-and-go into the search bar. Actual Edit ->past and go is useless.
    • When I clear personal data I want all boxes prechecked. I also want my typing history gone.
    • Java support?

    Thanks again

  • Moderator

    @T1m123: paste-and-go in the search bar already works.

    F6 opens bookmark panel

    Ctrl + Shift + D opens download panel

    These shortcuts should be modifiable to suit your preference.

    Vivaldi's own privacy dialogue is being worked on and improved now.


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