Startup page opens at bottom of page

  • I use Google advanced search,

    as my home page. Until Vivaldi 1.6 it loaded with the top 2/3 of the page visible. Now it loads with the bottom 2/3 visible, and I have to hit PgUp or use the vertical scrollbar before I can type a search.

    This is true in all 3 of my computers, and no matter what setting I use for the Interface Zoom in Settings, appearance.

    It's only true of the Google Adv. Search webpage. If I use other webpages as my homepage, even regular Google Search, they load with the top showing. (And Google Adv. Search loads correctly if I open it from my bookmarks bar; and also in Chrome.)

    This behaviour may be a Google problem, not a Vivaldi one, but I'm asking just in case anyone has had the same problem and solved it--and, as I said, it didn't start till Vivaldi 6.



    In Vivaldi 1.6


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